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    Wing Lung mold factory designed Cannes City Long mold plant Die manufacturing industry, forming die, tensile modulus, tensile modulus profiled, bakeware, cookware and other metal die mold, I plant has many years of experience in mold production. There are a number of mold engineers and technicians. With high-tech equipment, you design the perfect mold.

    City of Long mold factory using computer (CAXA, AutoCAD, unigraphics NX PRO / E3.0) design and data processing. Design reasonable, accurate and fast. Taiwan CNC machining centers and a new variety of machining, die cutting equipment to ensure precision and processing cycle. The company design and manufacture all kinds of cold stamping die, mold, tensile modulus, tensile modulus shaped, bakeware, cookware and small and medium-mode auto mode. Medium and large external processing stamping equipment stamping parts or raw material processing. CNC machining center can contract various sophisticated core or the workpiece (processing range 800 × 600 × 600). Cooperation between manufacturers can be free of the product design process. Customer inquiries are welcome.

    Cannes Wing Lung mold factory operating principles: the only true only real, people-oriented, delicate system, long-term win-win situation. Dragon City is willing to die with all my colleagues to join hands now, to create a better future!

    Another: We have 800T, 500T, 200T, 100T hydraulic machine, 6.3T-100t punch, external processing services!



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